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Birthdate:May 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This journal is now an ex journal, it has moved to moomin_puffin

The Disclaimer
ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the disclaimer
that's right the disclaimer

this American apple pie institution
known as parental discretion
will cleanse any sense of innuendo or sarcasm
from the lyrics that might actually make you think
and will also insult your intelligence at the same time

so protect your family
this album contains explicit depictions
of things which are real
these real things are commonly known as life
so if it sounds sarcastic don't take it seriously
if it sounds dangerous
do not try this at home or at all
and if it offends you just don't listen to it'

Disclaimer - The Offspring

'There is so much in life that I can't control - the world, other people and their choice and reactions, accidents, inperfections, suffering, hardships. Yet this is my life and regardless of what happens, I'm going to be happy' Richard Carlson (Stop Thinking, start Living)

*Eco Warrior.
*Mother of one beautiful mini me.
*Works and lives physically in Manchester. The mind wanders.
*Penguins and Puffins.
*The product of her own very vivid imagination.
*Interesting' sense of humour.
*No re runs and you can't get your money back.
*Possible adrenalin and endorphin issues.
*Worth two hundred pedigree racing camels.

I now put all posts on 'friends only', if you want to be on my friends list comment me :)

If I wanted to debate I would be on a debating website. I write what I write, if you want to comment on it, fine. Don't expect me to get drawn into arguments. If I want to discuss opinions I'll say. Amusing banter is always welcome. An inappropriate level of sexual comment is not welcome if you don't know me well enough to be able to judge what I will think then don't say it.

Quotes about me :)

robinbloke'Many good points, many bad points. The bad points are also good ;)'


'Yum, yum, yum'

kittensandsteam ‘Pretty, bouncy, friendly, genuinely cares, one of the best people you'll ever meet and a friend in the true-est sense of the word. In short, she is great =^.^= Rar :)’

commlal ‘Lovely and wonderful: Made entirely of Jam.’

puddingcat'Part of the Jenny Collective'

electrokin ‘Jeni was found in a box by explorers delving into the depths of a top secret laboratory used by the US goverment, after several years it became clear she was some kind of experiment crossing a pretty young girl with a happiness dragon, retaining the looks of a beautiful woman with the cheery disposition of a mythical beast of joy.
She now exists outside society, on ther fringe, doing good wherever she can.’

davedevil'Jeni lives in Manchester, but her friends do not hold that against her.'

uber_munchkin'Mostly Harmless'

mrmmarc ‘Scarily, very few people see the passionate environmentalist, the skilled literary critic, the political activist, the genuine empath, the strong willed and broad minded mother, or the person with the ability to see through the masks of false people with deadly accuracy. Mostly because the cute fluffy dragon is so apparent. And cute. And fluffy.

In her spare time Jeni perfects her filthy laugh which is so suggestive sailors have been known to blush upon hearing it!’

ooohshiny ‘A fellow follower of the whimsy, with a love of shiny, shiny things.
I don't know if she likes pirates, though. (I'm betting that she does...)’

neilhist'Although she can hold her breath for an astonishing fourteen minutes, Jenny is best know for a brief TV role in Noel's House Party as a stock character who used to knock on the door and pretend to be a Spice Girl. Now she spends her days locked in a darkened cellar, plotting her next bid for stardom. Occasionally she can be seen out on the North Yorkshire Moors taking her pet Giraffe out for a trot, and baying at the moon in time to Bronski Beat Hits.'

'Jeni is the Queen of the Potato People. She owns a spud gun. Her favourite TV show is CHiPs. Her most prized childhhood toy was Mr Potato Head.'

professoryaffle ‘Sparkley’

hardwired'I know of not one person who's life is made less happy being her friend. That is because, even with all her (wrong!) insecurities and tribulations, we are made better by having her in our life.'

becky_spence'tooth_fairy is an unusual creature, being that wonderful blend of crazy but fabulous. Willing to travel long distances for the cheer of others, she is to be regarded warmly and generally given hugs and shiny things as often as possible.'

fantasyrealist'tooth_fairy never leaves money under my pillow but she's a top lass all the same :P'

vulgarcriminal'Does not f*** horses.'

princess_peas'Jeni lives inside LiveJournal and so she will therefore fill up your friends page with around 30 entries per day. This however will not annoy you because like us, you will soon come to see that Jeni is just plain ace! :)'

bariau'This woman is ace. So ace that Rimmer is too scared to meet her.'

spindr'tooth_fairy: Broodmare for lonely baby starfish.'

zahrimsthoughts'Jeni likes to torture small stuffed animals'


perditas'Whenever I feel down, I know she's the llama who will make me smile :)'

give tooth_fairy more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Support Amnesty International

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adventure, affection, baby anwen, baking cakes, bbc, bed, being fabulous, ben elton, bill bailey, blackadder, books, camping, castles, cathedrals, celtic myths, chocolate, chorlton and the wheelies, chumbawumba, clothes that fit, comfy sofas, conservation, cooking, cruelty-free products, cthulhu, cuddling, curiosity, dancing, daydreams, dragons, dreams, earth science, eating, eccentricity, eddie izzard, empathy, environmentalism, erotica, experimental travel, exploring, faeries, falsifying statistics, fantasy, feminism, flirting, flowers, folk music, folklore, friendship, fun, garlic, glitter, goddess, good company, goth bothering, greenpeace, growing old disgracefully, hanging out, healing, hiking, history, honesty, hugs, humour, i support gay marriage, ice cream, imagination, individuality, intelligent people, jaded old goths, julian cope, lancashire, larp, laughing, lego, letters, lifelong happiness, light, literature, love, lush, magic, manchester, mary shelley, mead, meditation, menstrual cup evangelism, mika, monty python, motorbikes, mountains, music, mythology, nature, new friends, not growing up, oceans, old friends, orwell, paganism, passion, peace, penguins, people watching, pinky and the brain, poetry, pretty shiny things, princess bride, psychogeography, psychology of mind, puffins, purple, quality time, rainbows, randomness, ranting, reading, red dwarf, regina spektor, reiki, romance, satire, saving the world, sex, shelley, singing, sleeping, snuggling, sparkly things, stephen fry, tantric, tarot, the levellers, the ocean, the truth, tolerance, trees, unicorns, vodka, walking, water, weird conversations, wildlife conservation, wine, woods, words, writing, yoga
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